Online Keno Tickets

Playing keno tickets in online casinos is different to playing in actual casinos. Many players find they cannot play online keno with multiple tickets like they can at actual casinos. People who play at actual casinos buy as many keno tickets as they want, using them at the next game. They can also play all of those tickets simultaneously. See if you can correctly guess the winning Keno numbers by claiming this bonus and wager for free. Whether you have played this game before or you are a new player, the chances of winning are the same, so give it a try.

Online Keno

With keno online, only one matrix of eighty numbers is displayed. Players pick their numbers and the called numbers are marked later. Only one set of called numbers can match one set of numbers chosen by the player. However, some online casinos are starting to change this rule. In certain online keno games, players can now use up to 7 tickets at a time. To do this, gamblers must change the display mechanics. The 80 numbers displayed on the game board are only used for the call numbers and not to show the player's marked numbers. Instead, the marked tickets are shown on the bottom matrix.

How to Play

People can select their ticket and what numbers they want to correspond with that ticket up to seven times for their seven tickets. When a player presses the Play button, 20 called numbers appear on the central matrix. Each and every ticket a player puts down is matched against the called numbers. Afterward, these matches are evaluated with the payout table to work out just how much a player has won; each ticket will show the amount.

Multiple Ticket Option

Many players are now trying online keno games that have a multiple ticket option. This lets gamblers put down different amounts of numbers on different tickets. Each ticket is examined independently, so players will see each of their tickets placed according to a different payout table. People who miss the multiple ticket option at actual casinos can now play keno in a similar way at certain online casinos.